HIQ. High Quality Mechanical Motion.

Motors, motorgearboxes, motorwheels and gearboxes.
All our products are designed tested and produced in-house.


HIQ was founded in 2007 with a clear objective: to bring innovation to the transmission sector and to create high quality, technologically sophisticated, customized products capable of increasing performance and reducing energy consumption. HIQ has an excellent wealth of know-how coming from various sectors: mechanical design, motorisation, and transmission production, and this know-how combines our skills and the use of the most up to date machinery to ensure quality control of all the items. HIQ is Made in Italy: The products are conceived, developed, designed, samples are created, and then final items produced, all in-house in our premises in San Bonifacio ( Verona province, Italy). Our company produces Electrical Motors, Gearboxes, Motorwheels.

Our products are used in various sectors: agricultural machinery, industrial cleaning machinery such as single brush cleaners and polishers, as well as the nautical sector etc.